Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Coffee Cozy 

The Yarn: I knit this out of scrap acrylic. I had in a big bag with no labels on anything. I know the black yarn was Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Black 153 because this was the yarn I was originally going to knit Emma's I-Matey Dog Sweater out of. The black yarn was slightly thicker than the white yarn - which made the black yarn a bit raised up in the end product - and I liked that. (Happy Accident!) The White yarn I think is Lion Brand Wool Ease in White Sparkle. Not sure about that - but that is my best guess. The finished cozy weights in around 19 grams - so I am guessing about 38 yards of white and around 6 yards of black.


The Needle: Knit on size US 7 Knit Picks Needles. This was knit flat and seamed up the back.


The Image: I started off by going to Google and doing an image search for Jack Skellington Smile Faces. This took a bit of time to find just the right image. It had to be really simple and translate well to a knit pattern. I finally found one and saved it to my computer. (That would be the image on the left side here) Then I went to http://www.microrevolt.org/ and uploaded the image into the KnitPro pattern generator. I chose the smallest size possible and Knit Portrait. I saved the pattern it spit out into my computer and then started knitting.


Cast On: I cast on 48 stitches using the Cable cast on method (see great video here on U Tube for directions on this - I was doing it wrong for years!) in the white yarn.


  • Row 1-4: Knit Across

  • Row 5 & all ODD rows up to row 31: K4, P40, K4

  • Row 6 & all even rows: Knit

  • Row 7: Begin incorporating the pattern on this row (The pattern begins on row 7 and ends on row 27)

  • Row 32-35: Knit 

  • Bind off.


    A work in progress on a messy desk!

  • The pattern began on Row 7 and ended on Row 27.

  • The first and last four rows are knit 

  • The first and last four stitches of each row are knit.

  • Odd rows are purl, even rows are knit. 


    Inside out so you can see how it looks
    I tried to twist the yarn in the back as I went so there would be no long floats. I was worried the black would show through the white where I carried, but it didn't. Colorwork is not my forte, but I think it turned out pretty well.



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