Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Sheep(ish) Hooker

Project Name: Another Sheep(ish) Hooker
Pattern Name: n/a (Just Double Crochet)
Yarn: Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish)2 skeins = 334.0 yards (305.4m) in Magenta(ish)
Hook: 10.0 (N) hook
Size: 72 inches x 5.5 inches
Love: ♥♥♥♥

You can find my Ravelry Project Notes HERE.

More stash busting and lunchtime crocheting. I held two strands of this yarn together and chained 12 stitches, then worked double crochet until I ran out of yarn. The last one I made was really warm and I found myself wearing it all the time. (January in Minnesota = Lots of knitwear!) Very pleased with this. It worked up fast and even though it's a holey stitch the scarf is still very warm. Can't wait to wear this!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sort of Afghan

Project Name: Sort Of Afghan
Pattern Name: Stratford Circle Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: Patons Rumor5 skeins = 420.0 yards (384.0m) Hibiscus Heather
Hook: 8.0 mm (L)
Size: About three feet across - Lap blanket size
Love: ♥♥♥ - Medium Love. I like the pattern - but I needed A LOT more size for this to be useful for humans

You can find my Ravelry Project Notes HERE.

This was a stash buster for me. I had these 5 skeins of Rumor yarn in my stash and I wanted something different to work on at lunch - and this is what that turned into.

They no longer make this yarn so I couldn't order more to add to the size of this. It was a bit splitty and shed A LOT, but it also hid my oops well because is was a furry yarn. (Part Alpaca!) It also kept my lap very warm while I worked on it. Nice since it has been bitter cold here for the last week.

I intend for this to be used for my Cat Izzi in her cat bed. She has bad knee's so we have a pet heating pad in the top bed of her Kitty Tower, and she loves it when we put a blanket over her and she can curl up in the warmth. This will be a better size than a human afghan and will look a little better too!

I really liked this pattern. It was free from Lion and it was a great beginner pattern for a crochet blanket.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Square Pegs

Project Name: Square Pegs
Pattern Name: Turn a Square by Jared Flood (Free Ravelry Pattern also free on the Brooklyn Tweed Website HERE)
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Worsted 0.45 skeins = 94.5 yards (86.4m) in Dark Grey Mix for Main color and Plymouth Yarn Boku 0.4 skeins = 39.6 yards (36.2m) in colorway 20 (purples)
Needle: 16" US 6, 16" US 7, and Size 7 Double Points to finish it off
Size: Adult Large
Love: ♥♥♥♥♥ SO MUCH LOVE! Have worn it every day since I finished it!

You can find my Ravelry Project Notes HERE.

I love this hat! I cast on when I was down with the flu and found it was a very well written pattern and a really quick knit. It's a great stash buster and wonderful to use up those odd bits of Noro or (as I used here Boku) for the CC. I think because the stripes are small it keeps you trucking along quickly. You don't knit a single color long enough to get bored with it, and then add to that I used a color changing yarn for the CC, so it was different every time I got to that stripe row. Loved seeing how the colors progressed and I really could not put this hat down!

This is the first time I have worked with Boku and it will not be the last! Love the colors, it's cheaper than Noro, and unlike Noro I didn't have a single break in the yarn! WIN!

Here is my only trouble spot with this hat. It gives directions (and yes - I watched the video too!) on how to make a jogless jog. Sadly mine turned out pretty rough and it makes it look like I knit the hat flat and seamed it up! Well, I love this hat so much that I immediately cast on another and am working on this "Jogless Jog" thing. Hopefully the next hat I post I will have an update on an improved method!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where you at?

Life is starting to return to a bit of normal lately. The holidays are over. My class (although NOT my certification exam) is finished. And I have discovered that sitting and studying while eating Chili Cheese Frito's will cause a very noticeable tightening of the pants. Uffda. The nice thing about falling off the horse is you can dust yourself off and get right back on!

So I rejoined weight watchers on-line and started tracking my food. Today is Day 1 (again) and I found I had quickly forgotten how to eat in a points system. (Guess I wasn't bending it like I thought I was and pretty much just snapped those point rules in half and ran happy happy joy joy crazy with BBQ sauce and all the other little things that REALLY add up!)

So this morning I made myself a really healthy breakfast and I thought I would share it. It was pretty simple and I think the variety I can use in the formula for making it will keep me interested. 


Points Plus Value = 5

I sprayed my tiny omelet egg pan with olive oil non-stick spray (I used Pam) and set the heat to medium. (The egg pan is not required - I have it and I love how it fits my bread - Like a healthy McMuffin!) I added the egg beaters and a little salt and pepper. When the eggs were mostly cooked on one side I popped the toast in the toaster. Then I flipped the eggs and let the other side cook. (I flip my pan to cook the other side of the eggs when the eggs are bubbled and mostly cooked. I turn off the heat when I flip it since the eggs are about 90% cooked at this point.) When the toast pops up, I pour the egg disk out of the pan onto one side of the toast, throw a slice of ultra thin Sargento Cheese on the eggs, and top with medium heat Chunky Pace Salsa. Top it with the other slice of toast and enjoy! I had a cup of coffee with fat free creamer and a tablespoon of Mocha coffee creamer (worth the 1 point for me!) and was a happy girl!

There are a lot of 100 calorie sandwich breads like this out on the market now, and lots of varieties of egg beaters. I look forward to throwing some veggies into the eggs in the future too - it will give it even more fill and I will get some veggies in first thing in the morning.

All in all a great start back on the healthy train!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Sheep(ish) Hooker

Project Name: Sheep(ish) Hooker
Pattern Name: N/A (An improvised Crochet Scarf)
Yarn: Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish), 2 skeins = 334.0 yards (305.4m)
Hook: 10.00mm (N)
Size:6.5" x 54"
Love: ♥♥♥♥♥ - Full of Love and had to keep it for myself!

You can find my Ravelry Project Notes HERE.

I am in love with the Extended Single Crochet stitch and can't seem to stop using it in crochet projects. I chained 12 stitches and worked this scarf in (what else?) extended single crochet with two strands of yarn held together on a N (10.00 mm) hook. Fast, furry and fabulous! I thought it might be a charity scarf when I started it, my hesitation being the wool content. I try to donate machine washable and dryable items. When I finished I tried it on and did NOT want to take it off! It's super warm and just a snuggler of a scarf. LOVE IT!

You will notice my dog is doing a lot of modeling this week. I still look a bit like warmed over death so I am employing her talents for modeling my knitwear until I can get my self put back together. And since it is January and Minnesota - we have pretty much no daylight at this point. One day I will make a lightbox for taking knitwear photos, but until that day it's too much flash and a dog model! ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where I force my brother to be matchy matchy

Project Name: Soldier, Brother, Packer Fan - The Scarf (Crochet)
Pattern Name: N/A
Yarn: Red Heart Team Spirit, 0.98 skeins = 239.1 yards (218.7m)
Hook: 5.5mm ( I )
Size: 6.5 inches x 50 inches
Love: ♥♥♥♥

You can find my Ravelry Project Notes HERE.

After I made The Packer Hat I still had over a skein of this yarn left. Obvious solution was to hook up a scarf. I made a chain of 20 and then worked the entire thing in extended single crochet until the length was just about right for my brother. He loved the length of the last scarf and I wanted this to be about the same. I finished this in 2012, but we had the flu hit my hubby and then me, so it's been tough to take the time to take pictures. Today was my first full day of work in a week, and I feel less Zombie than I have in some time, so I thought I would snap a quick pic and get this posted.

Hope everyone else is avoiding the flu and feeling fit and fine!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Found You!

Hello all and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 2013 is a wonderful year for one and all!
I was cleaning up my craft room (THAT'S a good way to kill an afternoon!) and came across a bag with this scarf about 1/3 done. I was knitting it to replace one I had made with the same yarn that unraveled on me. I wore the heck out of the old one. This one I decided I would donate. (I have so many scarves already!)

Project Name: Found you!
Pattern Name: n/a (I made it up)
Yarn: Bernat Boa in Cardinal (2 skeins) and most of a skein of Wool-Ease Worsted in Black.
Needle: 12
Size: perfect!
Love: ♥♥♥♥

You can find my Ravelry Project Notes HERE.

This was a really simple scarf. I cast on 12 stitches with the Boa and the Wool-Ease held together. Then knit every row until I ran out of the 2 skeins of Boa. I had Wool-Ease left over. Easy as pie!
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