Coffee Cuff a 'la Borealis

Pattern for Coffee Cuff a'la Borealis
Size 10 needles.
Cast on 12 stitches.
I did seed stitch with chunks of stockinette to give it a little bit of a ribbed effect without being a traditional rib.
The one I made took less than 20 yards (18 meters) of Berocco Borealis yarn.

  1. k1,p1 across
  2. p1, k1 across
  3. k1,p1 across
  4. p1, k1 across
  5. k1,p1 across
  6. p1, k1 across
  7. k1,p1 across
  8. p1, k1 across
  9. knit across 
  10. purl across
  11. knit across
  12. purl across
I repeated these 12 rows 3 times. Then I measured against my coffee cup and I was a little short, so I added a row or two more of stockinette, and then added a little more seed stitch until it fit around the mug perfect. Then I bound off and wip stitched it together.


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