Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Trials of Loving Critters

The critters (Emma in particular) have had a rough couple of weeks. About 1 month ago I slowly transitioned both Emma & Izzi from there normal food to a high end dog food. Clogged them both up badly. Emma was so corked that she was lethargic and having trouble jumping up on the couch. Izzi (the cat monster) was crying and frantic. I was all set to take Izzi to the vet (car in the drive way with door open, kennel out....) when miss Izzi unleashed her butt fury on the cat box. Per the vet's instructions I started pumping both Emma and Izzi with 100% pumpkin and I mixed it with wet food, slowly working them back onto their dry food that didn't cause constipation. All is now running like clock work.

The Next week Emma pulled a muscle in her leg and was limping a little for a few days.

And then last week I came home from work and Emma had a gooey eye and was looking like a pirate. Tom told me it was worse that morning but seemed to be better now. Argh. Not sure what the pirate eye was about. I think both our animals have allergies - and Emma is prone toward gooey eyes.

Would love a week off from any animal mishaps. PLEASE?!?!?! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Izzi is for the Birds

Izzi turned three this month. This summer we put up a bird feeder in our front yard - partly for me (I love watching the birds) and partly for Izzi who spends hours watching the birds out the front window. I find it curious that she doesn't like to sit on the bench seat we have pushed up against the window - instead prefering to sit on the floor and watch the flight of the birds from our front pine trees to the feeder. I guess it must be the best view for her. Occationally a bird will fly toward our window and Izzi will just go bananas jumping up to the window and leaping in the air. It's amazing to watch her.

I am amazed at how fast the birds are going through the feed in the feeders right now. They must be stock piling up for the winter ahead. I am filling our finch feeder a couple times a week and could fill it more often if it weren't kind of a pain. The big songbird feeder is going through the seed as well - but not quite as fast. I think the volume it holds is a help on that end. So NOT ready for Winter thoughts. Meh.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Health Quest

This morning was my 4th weight in and I am very pleased with my progress. I am down 8.1 pounds on Weight Watchers and 23 lbs from my heaviest about 2 years ago. Feels really good to be making steady progress.

I am still amazed at what I can eat on this "diet". For the first time in years I am eating bread and ice cream again. No - I don't go hog wild - and yes it's light bread and WW or Skinny Cow ice cream - but knowing I can work these little ice cream treats into my health plan is helping me to not grab a candy bar when I gas my car up and sit in the parking lot eating it in practially one bite. Never a proud moment that.

I am still a little nervous about things like outings, restaurants and camping trips. I went on a camping trip my second week on weight watchers and spent HOURS trying to plan food. I think because I was new to WW I was really worried about how it would go and had visions of destroying my diet. Nope. I did just fine. I weighted in the Monday morning after I got back instead of the Saturday I normally weight in and still showed a nice loss. I tried to pack as much power foods as I could and walked the trails at the park with my husband and dog. It was really nice and I felt rather empowered to have eaten healthy meals and felt satisfied all weekend and STILL lost weight.

I think one of the things I am enjoying most is the feeling that I am actually in control of this body. I have spent so many years at war with it, and when did my body become seperate from me come to think about it. Time to realize that I AM MY BODY. Time to own this form I took and work with it rather than against it.

This week I want to try a few new recipies and branch out a little more in my foods. The more I know about what I can eat and how it affects me the more empowered and in control I will feel.

I want to up my tread-milling this week. I want to go from three one hour sessions to four. Currently I am knitting on my treadmill so I walk at around 2.5 for a speed with the incline at 50%. I drip sweat and my heart rate is increased and my muscles feel it - so I am satisfied that I am getting some exercise. Conversly I am anxious to finish this afghan I am knitting so I can step up the intensity. Also I just ordered Zumba for the Wii and want that to arrive so I can start working my core and tail feathers.

Must. Drink. More. Water.
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