Thursday, May 28, 2009

My new Favorite Emma Shot

Pout baby pout! Yeah that's the stuff. Look all distant and thoughtful. Like "Where did I put that chunk of bone I was chewing last night?" Yeah - That's the stuff baby.

Emma is 1 year old today!

Our sweet little Emma is one year old today. (We adopted her on April 28th and they said she was about 11 months old - so that makes her about 12 months old today - so why not?) I took her to the vet to get a lyme disease booster shot. Happy Birthday Emma - Have a nice needle in your leg!

In other news....

Tom starts his new job on Monday. I could probably right for a week on that - but I won't. At the moment he is outside building a Deck for Emma. Eventually we will put her house on it. We don't have a house yet - so for the time being it's just a pup deck.

In knitting news - Well. Not knitting much these days. I knit two rows on my scrap afghan in the last week or so. A row takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending. The yarn I am using right now is slippery and puffy - so I am a little worried I may have dropped a stitch in there somewhere. What evs.

This weekend we are taking Emma to the Charity Dogwash. That should be interesting. I am really happy Tom is off graveyard shifts so that we can do stuff like this together. If he was on the night shift I would have to go alone and I am a raging chicken shit - so mostly I would just get drunk and hang out in my house.

Joined Facebook this week. Just what I needed. Another addiction! ;) I posted a video of me singing to my dog. I am such a dork.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our New Furr Baby!

So we adopted our puppy this last week. On Tuesday April 28th we drove an hour and a half away and picked up our sweet little girl. Her name was Prada - but they said she doesn't know that name so we changed it to Emma. She is 11 months old and she weights 24.7 lbs. They think she is an Australian Cattle dog (Blue Heeler) and probably some Border Collie - which explains her blue eyes, and maybe some sheltie. She loves her ducky and today I bought her a sheep toy that she threw around and got all excited about. We came up with a schedule where I walk her in the morning and Tom walks her at night. I found out quite quickly that walking a dog who pulls you along up and down hills is a better work out then I was getting on my tread mill. :) I am hoping once I get used to the morning walks (whose training who here?) I will pick up the tread mill afghan again. But for now I am content with walking the dog.

We hope to add a cat to our family in the next month here. There were hundreds available at the Animal Humane Society when we checked 2 weeks ago. They only had 22 dogs at that time - and they were all "Bully Breeds" so we opted to use a different rescue shelter for our puppy needs.

I am looking at dog sweaters to knit her. I picked out the "Buster" pattern on the Berroco web site - but I am not too thrilled with the yarn choice. It calls for Berroco Softwist which is wool and rayon. Hand wash or dry clean only. Um... For a dog? My girl gets dirty! I am thinking a machine wash wool would be a better choice. Maybe I will cruise the KnitPicks website to see what I can find.

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