Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Lure of Sock Yarn

Oh how I love a sale! I have been in need of some tiny little number charms for a project for quite some time. I finally found a pack of these I could live with on JoAnn.com and thought I would "just peek" at the yarn "real quick". Famous last words. I just happened to be there when a bunch of sock yarn was half off! AND add to this, so far one of my favorite pair of socks that I have made was out of the Lion Brand Sock Ease. I got a pair of socks out of one ball and I really loved how the fabric turned out on these socks.

Here's a picture of the socks I made from this yarn last year.

I just loved the fabric. It's a little rough, but it isn't scratchy and they wear really well! So when I saw that I could get this yarn for half price and free shipping if I spent $50.00 I stocked up! I have no idea when I will get to this yarn - especially considering how much delicious sock yarn I already own and can't seem to resist buying, but I am pretty happy with this purchase!
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