Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Monday, La la, La la la la

Emma lays on her bed. Izzi attempts mind control of the dog from the hallway in the hopes that the dog will being her some food. No such luck.
Maybe if I jump up on the Females chair I can whisper in her ear to make the food come now.

FINALLY that evil cat went away. Now maybe I can get my nap in.
Wow. I am TUCKERED out today. You know how you have one of those Mondays where you almost need to just stop and breath in and out a few times in hopes that you aren't running around like a complete nut job? Yeah. Today was one of THOSE Mondays. Felt like my feet hit the floor running from the start. Uffda.

Am seriously thinking I might need a big ol' bubble bath and a glass of wine instead of whatever it was I was going to do. Tomorrow is another day, right?


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