Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting ready for a night of knitting!

Before I go to far into my blathering, let me update you on how yesterday ended after my insomnia-fest. I got home from a long stressful day at work and was practically walking sideways I was so tired. I didn't even pretend I could work-out and pretty much got myself showered and pajama's on as quick as I could. I had a bowl of this awesome recipe I found on the Weight Watchers Web site called Whole Wheat Chili Mac. (I found a link to the exact recipe someone posted, so head over to this Blog if you are interested in it.) It's a really good recipe and I love it piping hot with a little low fat sour cream on it. YUM! After that I had my Skinny Cow Ice Cream Fix. Am in love with Skinny Cow products - but these cones in particular. Sooooo yummy! Keeps my cheating stomach at bay! And then I popped two Tylenol PM and was asleep by 6:00 pm! I know right? Boy - did I need that sleep though. I feel like a new woman today!

So tonight I start my first Kal! I am so excited!!!! (You can tell because I used FOUR exclamation points. THAT is how excited I am!!!!) I actually carted the yarn to work in my work bag thinking I would get some knit on at lunch - but it didn't work out. So tonight I will park in front of the TV and get knitting! Wahoo! I know I already posted this pic - but this is the yarn I will be using. Not much for pop - but I just bought a new coat and it is RED - so I am needing some neutral accessories to go with it. I almost always knit with yarn that is just vomiting color. Really saturated hues, So this will be different. I get pretty bored with neutrals, but I love the way they look! :)

So wish me luck and I will post pictures of the progress I make! Off to knit!


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