Thursday, October 13, 2011

And how was your Wednesday?

Our Bird Feeder in front of our house.

Emma on the bench that faces the bird feeder. Both Emma and our Cat Izzi love the activity at the feeder.

My reward for putting on my big-girl pants and going to the dentist - a lovely haul from Lila and Claudine's Yarn Store.
So I took Wednesday off to go to the dentist. My appointment wasn't until 10:45 so I was able to sleep in and have a quiet morning. I got myself looking human and ran to the Department of Moter Vehicles on my way yo the dentist and had my license renewed. Nice to get that out of the way. It's been four years since I had my last picture put on the license - so it will be good to have something that looks more like me to present.

When I got to the dentist I checked in and sat and read some crappy free book on my iPod. I was reading away when the receptionist came over and I looked up at her and smiled and said "Hi!" and she said, "I didn't recognize you! You came in and your hair...It's so different! It looks really cute! How long have you been wearing it like this?" And I told her I had gotten about 18 inches cut off three weeks earlier and it was still pretty new to me. She gave me praise and I was kind of touched that someone would go out of their way to give me a compliment. When you have been overweight for years you sort of get used to people not really seeing you - so it was nice to have someone give me a compliment.

Then I was called back to the office to get my teeth cleaned and the hygienist was all compliments too. Like SERIOUS compliments. "I just LOVE your hair! It is so pretty. Those layers..... Just beautiful!" Dang y'all - makin' me blush! ;) It was very gratifying to my little ol' ego. :) To be fair - I gave myself some BIG hair today for my DMV picture - and was full make-up and trying to look nice. But for it to hit the mark and have people fawn all over me??!?!? Um, Yeah. I will Soooooooooooo take that! (High Five!)

So I was steeled for bad news at the dentist. I had been told that my one molar had a pretty big crack in it and that I was going to need a crown before long, so I was sure it would happen this time. Imagine my delight when I found out I did NOT need any work done! Angels sang, let me tell ya! AND I found out that the bleeding I have going on it my upper front teeth when I brush and floss is due to my sleeping (snoring) with my mouth open at night. Apparently gums don't like to be dry - so if you sleep with your mouth open and you get dry gums over night your gums are more likely to bleed. Hu. Makes sense. Also good to know it wasn't from me doing anything wrong. :)

So I finished up at the dentist office and headed over to the yarn shop. I love this yarn store. They are so welcoming and kind. Helpful without sticking their hands in your wallet and making you feel like they like your money more that you. The Shop is called Lila and Claudine's and they just expanded and the place was even better than it was before! I love it when a LYS is able to grow - such a good sign that they are a) doing things right and b) growing! Love that. So I hopped in there and I just had to take a picture of my haul and share it with you all. I am VERY excited with everything I got and anxious to try it all out! The yarn I got is: Three balls of Cento , that I want to knit up with the two balls of Woolie Bullie in Black, ( I am thinking hat and mittens here). Two balls of Monsoon (for a shawl I think), a bottle of Ecualan in Eucalyptus. Two Cast Iron mice (not pictured - they ran out of the bag and hid in the kitchen when I got home...). I also got two skeins of of wool by Claudia & Co in the color Mustard Custard. (Yummy single ply wool - I am thinking perhaps a pair of Bella Mittens?) One skein of Lorna's Lace's Sock Yarn in Zombie BBQ. (Best name for a yarn Ever!) And last but not least - 1 skein of Fabjous Fibers Recycled Silk Yarn - So lovely I couldn't put it down! A mighty fine haul AND I was very close to the budget I set for myself - so GO me!

After my yarn splurge I came home, had lunch (vegetarian chili and a clementine) and then hit my work outs. I have to say - even though I went to the dentist - it was a REALLY nice day! I am happy!

And how was YOUR Wednesday?


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