Monday, April 30, 2012

Spice Kitten

Well I completely fell off the wagon. I made it half way through Knit And Crochet Blog Week and Fell off on Day 5. I didn't realize how long I would be working on each post! Friday night after a long day of work, grocery shopping and getting ready for a weekend of planting trees at my brothers house, I decided enough was enough. I looked at my hubby and said "Well, I can either blog about life or I can live life - but I can't do both!"

Here is a picture of my cat Izzi. I brought home this awesome spice organizer and set the box on my floor so my cat could have it. She LOVED jumping in to a box. As you can see - she is using her laser beam setting to locate any stray spices and DESTROY them as she hates a disorganized house as well. I am still plugging away at my house - bit by bit. Little improvements here and there.

Well - today is the last day of April and I am going to celebrate by cranking up my grill with some veggie kabobs I have marinading in the fridge. Seems like a nice way to say farewell to April.



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