Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ahhhh Grasshopper

Hot lazy day. I came back from running errands this morning and found a Grasshopper waiting for me at the door. Just hanging out on the railing. I ran in and grabbed my camera - and realized I really am terrible with my macro/micro settings on cameras. Once upon a time I didn't suck. Now I take 15 pictures and only two do not turn out green and blurry. Sad sad sad.
My week of vacation is nearly at an end. More sad. :( It's gone WAY to fast. Spent 10 hours yesterday making drapes for my kitchen. They look good - but I need tie backs for them. Spent about an hour this morning at Hancock fabrics trying to figure out something that did not involve too much sewing. My machine needs to be cleaned and oiled - so I would just as soon not use it again until I can get that done. I ended up buying some inch wide red Velvet ribbon. Am not in love with it and think I will end up on my sewing machine again in the near future.


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