Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunburns and shopping

Every year I plant a variety of plants in my planters that my brother made for me. We have a set and they are made out of tin (siding?) that was bent into a square for the column - and then he framed the top and bottom in cedar. I love them and look forward to putting them out every year. Love the DIY-ness of them and they are very unique.
The bummer is that it's hard to keep them looking lush. They are in full sun in patio blocks next to the deck. HOT HOT HOT. But I love them and think they really add to our yard. I think if I could be ok with replanting them half way through the season to freshen them up? I just can't seem to get myself to do that. So by this time of the year my planters are all fried and sad looking.
Speaking of fried and sad looking - I spent WAY to much time on the deck knitting my Treadmill Afghan border yesterday and got good and sun burnt. I feel like a lobster. My shoulders are tight and hot. Not pretty. Not fun.
Spent my lunch hour shopping at Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet buying new food for Izzi and Emma. I am switching them over to that Buffalo Blue Food made with more organic and healthy ingredients. ( I had no idea the food would be so much more expensive. Ouch.
Then after work I went and bought new curtain rods for my drapes I am going to make for my new and improved kitchen. Am looking forward to it being done. Not real keen on the process. I purchased the fabric (2 hours at Mill End Textiles) and then brought it home and washed and dried it. Then ironed it with starch. It is really long and I got 7 yards - so I had to knit half at a time and then when I got to the end of the 7 yards I had to flip and start over on the other side. I think it's like 2 yards wide - and my full sized ironing board could not accommodate it. What a pain. I burned my arm on the iron and had to wear a bandage for days. Yuck.
So anyway - now I have the curtains and I can get an idea of how much length I need to cut for them and then I can begin cutting them out and pinning them and then sewing them. I am not a trained seamstress - so .... yeah. Wing it baby.


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