Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Emma Outside?

Miss Emma has really been enjoying the cooler weather. She gets longer play time outside when it's not as hot out - so she is just loving laying in the long grass and rolling around.
Last week Miss Minnie (Tom's mom's dog) came over to play for a few hours. She had a really good time playing chase and running around the yard like a wild woman. Minnie and Emma are pretty close in size - but Minnie is only a year old so she is full of puppy power. Emma was one tired puppy when Minnie went home. Minnie is a Jindo and she is black with hints of brown. I will have to get pictures of them together nest time Minnie comes to play. She is a pretty pretty dog but she is definitely not what we are used to with Emma. Minnie is more Dog and Emma is more person. Emma is so timid and thoughtful - where as Minnie just does whatever and is in everything and all over the place. It's a good reminder of what a "real dog" is like since Emma's behavior is rather unusual compared to most dogs. (Made me appreciated Miss Em all the more. WE ARE SO LUCKY WITH HER!)


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