Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making my first notepad

I recently saw a tutorial on Pinterest for making your own note pads. I went to Dick Blick and picked up the Padding Compound that is used on the edge (fancy glue) and a piece of chipboard and got to work.
First I found these free down loadable graphics on the wonderful blog: and printed off about 20 sheets of them. I then cut them in half on my cheap little paper cutter.
Next step - I took a utility knife , the chipboard, a sheet of the paper for measuring and a ruler from my quilting era and headed to the basement. I thought cutting this out on the concrete floor on the basement would be clever. I should have thrown an old box on the floor to cut on. The razor didn't want to cut clean because of the hard surface under it, I wore the corner off my blade and there are now large "scratches" on the floor in the basement from my awesome cutting. Next time - box goes under the chipboard. (BTW - I got the Chipboard at Dick Blick as well. Big old sheet was under $1.00)
After I got my chipboard cut I placed the papers on top of it and tamped them together until I had them lined up nicely. I then took some clips and attached one at the bottom to keep the papers still and then one on either side of the edge I will be gluing. I also put note cards on either side of the top to keep any glue spills off my paper and chipboard backer. Sadly I should have used white paper - not pink - as residue of the pink remained after all was said and done. (Another tip for next time...)
I then started smearing the glue on the edge of the pad. I thought the clips would work well enough to hold the paper tight - but once the glue was placed on the edge it started to ripple from the moisture. I think next time I will use two rulers to form a vice across the top in hopes that it will hold the edge tighter and I will get a neater edge.
This picture is kind of upside down - but I think you can see the glue better on this shot. The glue dried pretty clear. I let it sit over night and removed the pink note cards and clamps the next morning.
There is a little bit of pink note card stuck to the glue edge and the edge was a little rough. I was able to just pull off the ugly bits. If I were really anal I could probably take after it with a knife and really get a nice edge - but this was just a "first try" and just for me, so I wasn't worried about it. I think if it were a gift I might do that though.
I am very pleased with my first try. I love nesting dolls and I am finding excuses to make "lists" so I can use it. I am thinking I will attack my old stationary next and see what level of cool I can achieve with turning them into note pads.


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