Monday, August 22, 2011


Izzi has been doing pretty good. I took her in for her annual shots this spring and she has lost a little weight - which is good. She needs to be thin for her joints. Her first knee surgery a year ago was successful and she does not seem to be in pain. She runs around like a crazy girl at times - it's good to see her being a cat. :) We expect she will need the second knee surgery someday, but hopefully if she drops weight it will be further away. She is on Cosequin for joints. I actually started taking joint medicine at the same time. I figure if the vet thinks it will help the cat then I should take it too. I have had knee problems since I was a teenager. (and yes - I need to drop weight too - Am working on it!)
We found these little cat balls at Petco and the cat just LOVES them! Bonus is that Emma (our pup) will chew on them but doesn't actually destroy them. So it works out really well. We will throw the balls and the cat will run at them and try and catch them and tackle them. It's awesome and it's good exercise for her. We loved them so much we got a pack for Tom's mom's cat too. I recommend them balls: and I have only found this style at Petco. (I checked Petsmart AND Chuck & Don's and Wal Mart and Target..... and this is the only place I have found them.


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