Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Snippets 11/13/2011

Normally I don't include words with my Sunday snippets - but I struggled with pictures today. Dishes, laundry, shopping and paying bills are just not that photogenic!

Dark and gloomy day filled with running in the car, cooking and cleaning.....

Great recipe for Easy Cheesy Chicken Cups. Used up most of my left over chicken.

I created a light version of the egg sandwich from my childhood. YUM! (Reduced fat provolone and Ketchup are under the egg!)

The much talked about chicken with butter and spices under the skin and in the cavity, and olive oil, salt & pepper on the outside. It seems so small when I am more accustomed to 18 lb turkeys!

The chicken fully cooked! It was REALLY good. Very pleased with myself! :)


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