Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Obsessed. I am Obsessed. What is the object of my preoccupation? Malabrigo. It's true. I heart Malabrigo Yarn. My latest passion is the thick and luscious yarn called Rasta. It's amazing. So soft and thick!

I have made a cowl and 2 scarves from Rasta so far. It's just a joy to work with. There is something about the yarn, running through your hands, the movement of every stitch is just pleasure. Every aspect of this yarn is just a pleasure. The cowl above is just awesome. It knit fast and it is one of those projects that you are really pleased with and very proud of.

My first rasta project and it completely hooked me. This yarn reminded me of rainy days and rock formations. I finished the project and just wanted more more more. So soft. So squishy. Num num num.

First verse same as the first.... Made the same scarf in a different colorway. Ohhhhhh Yeah.

The pattern for the scarf can be found on Sage Yarn Blog.

So this past Valentine's Day my love brought me Rasta instead of flowers or chocolate. My man knows how to win my heart! So I have been looking for patterns for Rasta and finally decided I wanted to "spend" my Rasta stash on Ovate - a shawlette pattern for either one or two skeins of Rasta. I purchased the pattern this morning and CANNOT wait to jump in!



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