Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off to the Yarn Store!

So my need to make the Ovate Wrap created a needle need. The needles on this pattern are HUGE Size 19 Circulars. I ended up getting 40 inch length because I hope to use these again for stash busting afghans? Fantasies float through my head..... I also needed a size P crochet hook! Dang! That is a big hook! :) A few other items followed me home as well....

I picked up these 4 pins at the register. Bad photo.
Pin1: Sheep with a ball of yarn hanging off of him.
Pin 2: "I ate your grandma's knitting for lunch. (& it was crunchy)"
Pin 3: Lime Green with Skeleton holding ball of yarn
Pin 4: "Idle Yarn is the CATS play thing." [So. True!]

The yarn, Artful Yarns Old Western, was on discount for $6.00 a ball. I thought it would make nice mittens or hats. I see there are not many projects of this yarn on Ravelry and it's labeled discontinued. Still - It feels nice and I have never worked with Artful Yarns so I am happy!

My Three Needles. The HiyaHiya is a 24" size 6 that I needed to make the Citron eventually. I like HiyaHiya needles. They are way more affordable than the Addi Turbo's and they have nice flex in their cord. Paying for Addi's always kills me - but I know they will stick around for many many years, so I try and think of it as an investment. :)

I took this shot for a size gauge. The needle is longer than my finger and as round as a finger. HUGE! A fast knit indeed! I bet I could quickly knit a car cozy with these.....

Emma gave me the "Why are you bringing more yarn in this house?!?!" look while I unpacked and photographed my haul. I think she would have forgiven me had I given HER one of the balls of yarn to destroy, but that never happens (on purpose). Izzi our devil cat was sneaking up on Emma as I took this picture. She likes to attack and run. Charming little thing.

And that was my haul from the Yarn Store. This time I went to 3 Kittens Needle Arts and the entire haul was under $50.00. I had a 25% off one item coupon (for the huge addi) and a $50.00 Gift certificate from my mother-in-law for my Birthday, so it ended up a free trip! Sweeeeeet!


Becks said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow what a cool haul. Love your discontinued yarn - I secretly love my itchy scratchy old yarns just because they are mine, and no longer "out there".....

LiteraryLadybug said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Becks I love discontinued yarns too - Although it makes me sad when I fall in love with them and they are gone gone gone. Fortunatly I am fickle as a 14 year old and fall in love with a new yarn pretty quick! :) Thanks for the comment!

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