Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fugly Update

I thought I would update on my Fugly blanket this week. I spent a couple hours last night weaving in the ends and tacking down the fugly seams I created when I crocheted chunks together. Today I pulled my blanket our and measured it and took a few pictures. It's currently 56 inches by 52 inches (142 cm x 132cm). I feel like if I make it too much larger it will hit "blanket" or "afghan" level rather than throw. I wonder if there is a real division in the those or if that is just my feelings? Anyway - I don't want a HUGE blanket. I want a mini blanket for throwing over my shoulders in bed at night or wearing on my lap while I knit. My internal voice told me I was there.

My next challenge is picking out the color I want to edge it in. I THINK I have it figured out now, but honestly I have changed my mind three times this morning already, so.... Yeah.

My only requirement is that it be in my stash. I have a whole bin of cotton - so that's really not an issue I don't think. This whole blanket is an experiment and since I have declared it FUGLY from day one there really is nothing I can do to it to make it worse. That really takes the pressure off.

In other news, my weekly weight in was pretty successful considering how much I consumed over the 4th of July holiday! I gained about half a pound this week and I was pretty happy with that since I was sure it would be much worse.

Another blessing is our heat wave finally broke. We hit 102F (38.88C) yesterday and it was over a week of temperatures like that. Last night we had storms roll in and today we are a bit cooler - so yay for that!

Is anyone doing the Stephen West KAL that starts next Friday? Lord help me - I signed up for it! I don't work with small needles  - like ever - and I am thinking if I am lucky I will be knitting this up on a size 4, but the yarn states size 1-3 needles so I may end up smaller than I think. Uffda. What have I gotten myself into?!?! My other concern is that this KAL will only be halfway over when the Olympic Games starts and I have a project geared up for that as well! So.... Yeah. We will have to see how this goes!


Inthesky said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love Fugly and so does Emma by the looks of it. She is a born Model and she knows it! Give her a kiss from me! xxx

LiteraryLadybug said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Inthesky It's really comfortable! I have been enjoying throwing it over my legs to keep warm when I am on the couch at night. (The air vent is RIGHT next to the couch! Brrrr!)

I love that every time I lay something out to photograph Emma has to come over and lay on it and smile up at me. I can almost here her say "Oh - Is this for me?!?!" So funny! Will give her a big hug and kiss from you when she comes in from her morning patrol of the back yard. There were several squirrel's and crow's who dared come in the yard this morning who needed a few sharp barks from Emma! :)

xoxo Jen

Cyn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You know what? I love it!! And, I agree with inthesky, Emma is always the best model. Fugly looks super cozy. Nice job.

LiteraryLadybug said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Cyn I love it too! I loved working on it and I love the end product. It's so crazy - I think it might be my favorite thing I have made! :-D

Emma is straight up the best model. I wish her head were my size so she could model my hats though. ;)

Thanks so much Cyn!

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