Sunday, January 15, 2012

Never Beret-ed

My first hat of 2012 is complete!

I knit this following the free pattern on ravelry called: Super-simple fast and easy chunky hand-knit beret! by Laurie Perry. (You might know her from her blog or her books: Crazy Aunt Purl!) The yarn is Hitsuji by Noro. I knit this in four hours including the time it took to eat dinner. (So probably 3 to 3.5 hours of knitting would get you a hat.)

I was a little freaked out at first since it seemed to grow quite a bit after the bath and air dry. The ribbed brim is really loose around my head. That being said - this is the only hat I have made that I can take off my head without having that lovely ribbing line show up on my forehead - also I can wear it without fear of smooshed wool hat hair appearing after I take it off. It's sloppy and arty farty and I think I am kind of in love!

Here is a side view. Love the colors in here. Turquoise, Mustard, Hot Pink. I don't know who does the color work for Noro but I am always amazed at what they come up with.

What I don't love about Noro is the breaks in the yarn. See that hot pink stitch on the lower edge of the picture? It goes from VERY pink to gray here because they did a yarn join here and they just tied it on with gray rather than matching a pink. I have found something like that in almost every Noro I have used. VERY irritating. I would love Noro so much more if it didn't pull that crap. Grrrrrrr.

Now that THAT is out of my system - I am still darn happy with the results here.
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