Thursday, November 18, 2010

See Emma Run!

Puppy Power
We had our first experience with Emma bolting from us on the street. Tom was showing me how the new garage door worked and Emma came out - and instead of hanging out she bolted down the driveway, down the street and across a pretty busy street into an empty lot. Gave us both a heart attack watching her. YIKES! I know she had a stressful weekend - but man. It was really upsetting. Tom managed to grab her and by the time I caught up with her with the leash Tom was carrying her to me. I hope we never have that happen again. And I am so grateful that no buses were coming down the road at that time. I get sick thinking about WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED. I still shudder from the thoughts!

Our groomer came by this week for Emma's appointment. We have this really awesome groomer who struck out on her own and has a mobile grooming unit (RV) and she comes to our house, Hooks up to our hose and gives Emma a shampoo, blow dry, brush out, and nail trim as well as cleaning her ears and stuff. It's pretty sweet. Before that I was taking a day of vacation and taking her to PetCo. You REALLY burn through the vacation days that way! And the last appointment I had there with a different groomer - was Not good. Emma's nails were ragged - even though I paid the extra to have them filed after the trim. And they talked me into the deluxe spa package - which really Em doesn't need. She is short haired and pretty much just needs a bath and a brush. You don't have to style her at all. So I kinda felt like I got taken for a ride.

Stick it & Stuck it
While the garage doors were going in I sat with my mom and knit pretty heavy on my It's My Birthday Too! Cowl. I would say I am around half way through the cowl. I had a rough row or two where I kept having to back up and re-do. Once I got a little bit past that rough patch I looked back and saw that about three pattern repeats were slightly off. I decided I could live with it. It would suck to rip it out at this point. It's so pretty! The yarn is JUST gorgeous and the pattern is wonderful. Unless of course you screw it up - it does not knit back real well. At least not for me.

So I set is aside when I realized I was talking too much to focus on my knitting and instead did the finish work on 11 washcloths! I have had a pile of them sitting next to my desk for months - and the pile just got bigger and bigger. So it was really nice to get them all taken care of. I am trying really hard to get things cleaned up in my office area. It's a pretty big mess of yarn, books and paperwork these days. I am feeling the weight of all my STUFF. I think watching Hoarders all the time is getting me looking at my stuff a little different these days too. I have so much. Of everything. I think I can justify it because it's just Tom and I and the cat and dog. But seriously - Who needs all this stuff all over the place. I know there are boxes in the basement that we never opened after we moved in this place. Eight years ago. That's messed up! So I keep looking at all my "piles" and thinking - Stuff has got to go!

But a girl can only knit and read so fast.

How's the Weather up there?
Cold. The Snow we got over the weekend did melt a lot - but sadly there is still plenty left. And it's hard and chunky. Happily the roads cleared up pretty quick and there was only one scary moment on my morning commute when I hit a patch of ice. It's my first winter with this car so I am nervous yet about driving it on the winter roads. This car is the peppiest thing we have owned - so I have potential for crashing a lot faster and harder.


Cyn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey! Just dropped in for the first time. Lovely lovely blog.. and you've made me laugh already. (I especially love the knitting on the treadmill idea... ; )

I'm so glad Emma is OK, after that dash. Maybe she just wanted to be able to say she did it, at least once.

And, I love the looks of your blog: that background, and photo of Emma are great!


LiteraryLadybug said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aren't you sweet to stop by and say hello! Speaking of awesome blogs - you have an amazing blog! I love looking at all the photo's and reading your deap thoughts. :) I am pretty new to blogging - but it really appeals to me. Thanks for stopping by an leaving a comment! :)

Love - Jen

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