Saturday, December 4, 2010

December is HERE!

Puppy Power!

Emma seems to have a love hate thing for the snow. Last night we let her out and she was bouncing around in the falling snow and scooping up mouthfuls and having a gay ol' time. She does not seem to like doing her business in the snow - I think when we get an amount like this and she drops into position and feels the snow on her parts she doesn't want to go. I guess that is good since if she did her business in the snow it would get all over her. I will need to talk to Tom about shoveling (or blowing?) an area for her in her "Poop Zone" so she can have an area that is more appealing for taking care of business.

I went to Chuck & Don's yesterday on my lunch to see about getting Em some sort of coat to keep her warmer this winter. Her hair is pretty thin on her underside and I worry she will get frostbite or something. They had nice items - but I just couldn't get myself to spend the $50.00 on a dog coat that may or may not fit and that she may or may not use. I think I need to get knitting on more doggy apparel.

How's the weather up there?

We got some serious snow going on. I would say it was a healthy six to eight inches that dumped on us this round. It started yesterday around 1:30 or so and stopped just after we went to bed. Now the temperature is going to drop and it will be cold and gross. Yay. Love Winter. If it's not dumping on us with the white stuff then it is colder than a penguins butt. At least it's sort of pretty and I suppose it's Christmasy. Still. Yuck. And as far as this much snow this early and temperatures being this much below normal - it's just going to make the winter seem ridiculously long. It feels long on a normal year - but to be dealing with serious snow from November to April is just going to seem like FOREVER.

Pod People

I had to stop listening to the Bark n' Knit podcast for awhile. I was getting bored by it honestly. I think I might have to stop trying to catch up from the beginning and just listen to the newer podcasts. Or admit defeat and move on. I think I read in the Bark n' Knit group on Ravelry that she is (Did?) have a baby. And I REALLY don't want to listen to baby baby baby crud. Having to accept that we are not going to have children has been tough. Accepting that all our friends and family are breeding with apparent ease and want to tell you all about it all the time - not so easy. Having to listen to a podcast that is supposed to be about knitting and dogs and having it turn into Baby baby baby? Not so much. So I think I will try some of her newer episodes and see how they feel - and if they are "All About Baby" I will just move on to other podcasts.

In lieu of podcasts I have been amusing myself with Jen Lancaster's Audio books. The girl is FUNNY and very easy to relate to. I am a little surprised to being all hearts and flowers on her since she is republican and conservative and that is SO not my worldview, but I am learning that people (myself included) are more than the sum of their political and world views. She really is funny. And although her life is very different than mine, I find myself enjoying her struggles to be a better person. I feel like that is my life theme. "Always struggling to become better." My husband recently told me that that is one of the things he admires about me. That I don't give up and am ALWAYS trying to be better than I am. Pretty big compliment there!

Stick it & Stuck it

I have been knitting almost every day since my last blog. I finished my "It's My Birthday Too!" Cowl and I love it. I wore it all day at work yesterday and I am pleasantly surprised that I am as in love with it as I am. I thought it's tightness would really bother me - but it was like a free range turtle neck that didn't grab tight at my neck. I wore it with a long sleeve t-shirt and a heavy vest - and it was just wonderful. I found when I ran errands in the snow storm yesterday that it was quite convenient for tucking my chin and lower face into for protection and warmth. Yup. It's a goody! Plus (Hello!) It's knit with Malabrigo. I mean SERIOUSLY. What is NOT to love here?!?!

I also finished my Charity Ornament for the auction at work. I had to mail it to our head offices in Texas - which I am sure cost more than the materials to make the item. **Shrugs** What cha gonna do? I thought the ornament turned out fine. The pattern is really cute. It was knit on size 3 double points with is pretty small needles for me. And I could not get my pom pom maker to work for the life of me. I ended up going old school and wrapping the yarn around a box and trimming it down to size. Worked much better than the stupid pom pom maker. :) Hopefully it sells and hopefully they get lots of money to feed starving children.

I also finished my Noro Band of Truth!

It's the second time I have made this pattern which is REALLY simple and yet very wonderful. I love both of the headbands I have made and think I will just continue to knit these for all my future events. I can usual fix mistakes on something this simple - and I can talk and knit this one. Pretty awesome. I will probably go through my stash today and find another single ball that wants to be a headband and cast on so I can have it "At the ready". I am pretty burnt out on dishcloths. :)

I am also working on The Fidget (or as I call my "Fidget of Doom!" - just because Drama in knitting is funny.) Very easy pattern and the results are quite lovely. I am about 90% done with the knitting and I need to figure out what kind of buttons I want on it. Hopefully I have some lovely one's free ranging around the house - but I am not going to settle on them if they aren't perfect - so we will see. I might have to hit the stores.
OH. And How could I not mention this. I went out to ONE store on Black Friday. Three Kittens in Mendota Heights had a one hour before we open for 3K Club Members only Private Sale. It was INSANE and I spent a BoatLoad of money in under one hour. I am still giddy at what I got - but conversely - OY. Spent a lot of money and have a TON of new yarn I am trying to work into my stash. Uffda! I seriously have more yarn than I can knit in my lifetime. Sick. Awesome. Sick. ;)


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