Sunday, March 29, 2009

Totals and photos for the first row

The first row was completed on Friday March 27th. I took 2 pictures of the first row on it's own for posterity. This is what it looks like laid out on my dining room floor. If I was more confident about myself I would have lay beside it for scale - but I am so not there yet - so this will have to do.

Here are the stats as of the completion of the first row:

Total time: 9.45 hours

Total distance: 24.96 miles

Total calories: 3222

I missed two days in total on the project so far. And the last couple days I ate hella bad - so my weight loss is in question. (Big sigh here.) Friday I gorged at a pizza party at work and Saturday Tom and I hit Red Lobster. (And the food I ate was the equivalent of shoving a stick of butter in my mouth...So....goood.)

So I am now on row two and have sewn the first two squares on row two. I realized my stitching abilities are a little .... sad. Also - my gauge is all over the place from knitting on the treadmill. One day I power through in under 30 minutes and my square is tight and hard - the next I plod along and finish in 40 minutes and my square is loose and pliable. So this is going to look VERY homemade when I finish it. (Which is the nice way of saying Ugly as all heck.) Whatevs. Ain't nothing going to breaka my stride!

So here is what I want for row 2:

Since I am being fairly diligent with the treading every day I want to work on the food and water consumption. I can't break every time someone thrusts pizza or Red Lobster in front of my face. I need to find healthy alternatives. My day to day is a huge struggle with food. I never know what to eat and when. Mornings I am not really hungry. Lunch I tend to eat in my car while reading. And dinner? Oy. So I need to find healthy meals to eat that will make me feel good.

Probably that means more time planning out menu's and grocery shopping and cooking more. I know a carb heavy menu makes me sleepy and crabby - so I want to focus on veggies and protein. I think breakfast is the hardest because I am soooo sick of eggs and I feel like if I eat it starts the hunger up - and then I want to eat more and more. But I know I can't keep skipping breakfast either. Argh. Where are the magic food pellets when you need them.


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Okay, maybe this was here yesterday and I only noticed the check boxes. lol! It was a long day yesterday. Today is all bright and shiny! Let the new day begin:)


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