Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tombs of Endearment

Just finished this book today and have to say it was another fun read. I don't really understand why I like these books. The "Who Done it" is always predictable, the main character is slow to figure things out - AND YET I find myself really enjoying the books. I am quite anxious to read the next one in the series. I know it comes out sometime in 2009 - just not sure when. (Guess that's a pretty easy thing to figure out though. Amazon to the rescue!)

In other news - My 15th square on my treadmill is complete. Tomorrows square will be the last one in the first row. I am already hurting in the motivation department. I suppose that will be true with any lifestyle change. *sigh* I am just looking forward to a nice bath with a glass of wine and digging into my next book before I make dinner. I think tonight (unless Tom veto's my dinner plans) will be shrimp on a bed of linguine. We will see. Last night I had a salad and 20 soda crackers with butter. Cripes. I have to figure out how to feed myself better.

Also - I should maybe start another knitting project. I want to make so many things but with the 30-40 minutes of knitting on the tread mill everyday I find my motivation at night to start a new project is pretty nill. (Not to mention finishing a project I already have going. I am talking to YOU felted bowl that is not even half done!)


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