Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo's from Day 12

I just finished my 12th square and thought I would take a couple of pictures to show my progress thus far.
The first picture is my afghan with the 12th square still unattached at the end there. The charcoal color was a bit adventurous for me since most of the colors I selected up to this point look kind of like an Easter egg got sick and barfed up this yarn - but in a good wool/mohair way.
The second photo is of the square I knit today. It's got a ruler under it to give a sense of scale and to show the 4 1/2" that it possesses.
I am starting to think 16 squares across might be kind of mad. Like the afghan might be insanely large. Which could be good - but I need to think about that a little. 12 squares is already the length of the table.... Hmmmm.
You can see I keep long tails on the squares. That's what I am using to attach them to each other. I am SOOOOO happy I had the brains to start attaching them as I went so I didn't go bonkers when I finished the afghan looking at a mound of squares and thinking - oh crap - I have to attach all these together! Also - I decided to attach each square in chronological order - so there is no fuss about what square to attach when. I pick each color each day based on my mood or the holiday (st. pats day was green) or my whim. When I finish the afghan it will be a visual diary of every day I spent on the treadmill.


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