Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Trials of Loving Critters

The critters (Emma in particular) have had a rough couple of weeks. About 1 month ago I slowly transitioned both Emma & Izzi from there normal food to a high end dog food. Clogged them both up badly. Emma was so corked that she was lethargic and having trouble jumping up on the couch. Izzi (the cat monster) was crying and frantic. I was all set to take Izzi to the vet (car in the drive way with door open, kennel out....) when miss Izzi unleashed her butt fury on the cat box. Per the vet's instructions I started pumping both Emma and Izzi with 100% pumpkin and I mixed it with wet food, slowly working them back onto their dry food that didn't cause constipation. All is now running like clock work.

The Next week Emma pulled a muscle in her leg and was limping a little for a few days.

And then last week I came home from work and Emma had a gooey eye and was looking like a pirate. Tom told me it was worse that morning but seemed to be better now. Argh. Not sure what the pirate eye was about. I think both our animals have allergies - and Emma is prone toward gooey eyes.

Would love a week off from any animal mishaps. PLEASE?!?!?! 


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