Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Izzi is for the Birds

Izzi turned three this month. This summer we put up a bird feeder in our front yard - partly for me (I love watching the birds) and partly for Izzi who spends hours watching the birds out the front window. I find it curious that she doesn't like to sit on the bench seat we have pushed up against the window - instead prefering to sit on the floor and watch the flight of the birds from our front pine trees to the feeder. I guess it must be the best view for her. Occationally a bird will fly toward our window and Izzi will just go bananas jumping up to the window and leaping in the air. It's amazing to watch her.

I am amazed at how fast the birds are going through the feed in the feeders right now. They must be stock piling up for the winter ahead. I am filling our finch feeder a couple times a week and could fill it more often if it weren't kind of a pain. The big songbird feeder is going through the seed as well - but not quite as fast. I think the volume it holds is a help on that end. So NOT ready for Winter thoughts. Meh.


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