Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Camping trip

We finally got out on a camping trip this past weekend. We went back to Myre -  Big Island State Park in Southern Minnesota. The photo above I snapped while we were walking the paved trail through the woods into the prairie area.

The park is really nice and the campsite was great, (we were in site 89) but I pulled soooooo many ticks off my dog Emma and several off myself and my hubby had a couple too. Three days later and I am still itching and checking to make sure that the slight wiggle feeling I had was a hair and not a tick. Ish. Ticks are gross.

We ended up leaving a day early as the rains came back and it was already so wet and muddy to tromp around in that we decided to just head home instead of dealing with it. It was a nice 24 hour respite though and I am happy to have gotten some hiking and campfire time.


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