Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On my Needles

I have just been in a hat frenzy this year! I am currently knitting my 12th hat this year. Seriously! Granted - I work in a warehouse and I freeze all winter long - so I wear A LOT of hats. Pretty much I put a hat on in October and my hair isn't spotted again until April.

So right now I am knitting my second Snappy Hat. The first one I knit over the weekend and I knit it in Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky and it is SO soft and warm. I really love how it turned out even though I sort of fudged up the cables at the top of the hat and I suspect knit the cables backwards as well. I am knitting a second one now in Bernat Roving Yarn. It's really dense! And it's a total wrist breaker - although I suspect I will love the end product. It has the look of a hat that you can wear when it's REALLY bitter out. Like a January hat. Every year here in Minnesota we get a week in January that is just revoltingly cold. So cold you can't stand it. I think this hat will be awesome to wear that week. One other thing with this. I am knitting with an Addi Turbo Lace needle - and it smells like copper! ICK! I feel like I am knitting with Old Penny's! I had heard about this when Alana on Never Not Knitting did a review of these needles - and now I know it's true. These needles SMELL! I will be avoiding the lace needles in the future!

Over the weekend I also knit my Diagonal Scarf. (Really original name!) I knit that on Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes. The yarn is really pretty - but there was a splice in the yarn and the color jogged pretty harshly - so the whole flow of the scarf is messed up there. Pretty irritating. It goes from mossy green to cranberry in the middle of a row. I think if I had planned things out better I would have cut the yarn before the color change & made a smoother transition. It was my first time working with this yarn and I think I always trust the yarn to not have breaks my first time. I don't know WHY I would think that. Silly silly girl.
My Treadmill Afghan is going well. I took a break from my treadmill over the weekend. I pretty much lived in my Pajamas and slept most of the weekend really. But I am back in action today and am looking forward. I started listening to the Sassy Pants Knitter Podcast this morning at work. I am really enjoying this one! She had me laughing out loud at work. When I got home I PM'd Sillyfru on Ravelry to thank her for a fun podcast and she wrote me back right away and friended me on Ravelry! How sweet! :)


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