Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad blogger! I think I have convinced myself that it is ok that I am not blogging because I have been busy living - but seriously - if I have time to harvest crops on Farmville on Facebook then I think I have time to blog.

So I have made great progress on my Treadmill afghan over the last ... ufdah...7 months. I have stitched on my 6th row and I have enough squares tucked away that I could have my 7th row on the blanket done and am working on my 8th.
I weighed my squares recently so I could use my yarn more wisely. I weighed a single square and then I weighed 10 squares together so I could get a safe average. Each square weights in around 18 grams - so if I have 20 grams of yarn on my ball I know it's safe to knit a square with. I am having a lot less left overs! Nice!
As for my weight loss - I am hovering around 25 lbs lost. I had hoped to do better than that after 9 months of effort - but I can't seem to stick to the good life as well as I had hoped and I seem to bounce a lot. I am trying to look at this as a much more long term thing - and am looking toward what I will knit when I finally finish this afghan one day.


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