Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emma is 1 year old today!

Our sweet little Emma is one year old today. (We adopted her on April 28th and they said she was about 11 months old - so that makes her about 12 months old today - so why not?) I took her to the vet to get a lyme disease booster shot. Happy Birthday Emma - Have a nice needle in your leg!

In other news....

Tom starts his new job on Monday. I could probably right for a week on that - but I won't. At the moment he is outside building a Deck for Emma. Eventually we will put her house on it. We don't have a house yet - so for the time being it's just a pup deck.

In knitting news - Well. Not knitting much these days. I knit two rows on my scrap afghan in the last week or so. A row takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending. The yarn I am using right now is slippery and puffy - so I am a little worried I may have dropped a stitch in there somewhere. What evs.

This weekend we are taking Emma to the Charity Dogwash. That should be interesting. I am really happy Tom is off graveyard shifts so that we can do stuff like this together. If he was on the night shift I would have to go alone and I am a raging chicken shit - so mostly I would just get drunk and hang out in my house.

Joined Facebook this week. Just what I needed. Another addiction! ;) I posted a video of me singing to my dog. I am such a dork.


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